About The Artist

Margaret McSweeneyBeing creative has always brought me pleasure and satisfaction. When painting I become lost in time and feel an inner peace. My inspiration comes from the constant rebirth of God’s creation and the magnitude of color with the movement of light. I try to capture the grandeur and beauty of nature in my paintings hoping to ignite an emotional response from the viewer.

Living in Vernon, B.C. Canada, overlooking Okanagan Lake, I’m surrounded by wild life and beauty as far as the eye can see.

My goal as an artist is to offer to you this vastness of nature and color.  Bringing the outdoors into your home.
I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I have enjoyed painting them for you.

I was born in London England and came to Canada when I was 9 years of age.  As a child I loved to draw and paint.  One year for Christmas I received a box of oil paints.  I painted mostly flowers and landscapes from pictures on top of jigsaw puzzle boxes.  I stopped painting about the time I finished school.

Now at retirement age and prompted by an art teacher, I’ve started painting again. I have not had any formal education in Art except for several workshops I’ve attended and plan to continue to keep taking in the future. Workshops included:  Drawing, Pen and Ink, One Stroke, Watercolor, Pastels, Oil, Acrylic, and Mixed Media.

I enjoy all forms of art but my favorite mediums are Oil and Acrylic. Depending on the subject matter of my painting, I choose to use either one.

I am a member of the:

North Okanagan Federation of Canadian Artists

Okanagan Artists of Canada